RT-OOOO - Bearclaw Carpathian spruce and koa. This guitar features a Manzer wedge body, multi-scale fingerboard and a cantilevered neck. All of these features make for a wonderfully ergonomic guitar that is a joy to play.

RT-OOO - Carpathian spruce and koa. 

RM-OOOO - Engelmann spruce with ovangkol back and sides, zero fret, custom inlay and side sound port. 



OOO - Wedge 

The Lance

This instrument was designed  by me for a customer who wanted a unique guitar. The name Lance is in reference to the old German meaning of the name Rieck. The Lance is a small bodied jumbo with the body depth of an OOO, making an extremely versatile, tonally balanced and comfortable guitar. This particular guitar features custom options including a hand-rubbed sunburst, unique multi-laminate bridge, side soundport, and custom back strip and end graft.

Parlor Guitars

This is the first of my newly designed 14-fret O sized guitars. The outline has been modified with a higher waist, elliptical upper bout and rounded lower bout. The body measures 13.5" across the lower bout and 4.25" at the tailblock.

This particular model is made with a side soundport; sitka spruce top; locally harvested black walnut back and sides; a maple center section in the 3-piece back; maple bindings; ebony fingerboard and bridge and MOP inlay. 

12-String Dreadnought