J. Rieck Custom Instrument ORdering


General Information

  • How to order

    • Contact me via the form below (preferred) or telephone (605-838-5447) for an initial consultation about your instrument. I will send you a complete order form where you can peruse some of the options available on a custom J. Rieck instrument.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of building instruments is tailoring the instrument to your wants and needs. Each commissioned instrument I build is a collaboration between myself and the owner.

    •  When you decide to move ahead I require a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve your place in the building order. 

Deposit for Custom Build
Make Deposit Now!

    • The current wait from the time you make a deposit to receiving your instrument is one year to 18 months. Delivery dates are subject to change due to any number of variables. I will do my best to approximate the time line and will keep you informed of changes that may occur. 

    • I occasionally build spec instruments to try new designs and ideas. I will offer these instruments to those on the list before making them available to the public.

Guitar Pricing

Acoustic Guitar Base Price- $4200

Base pricing includes your choice of five body sizes (0 - 00 - 000 - 0000 - D) each of the bodies, with the exception of the D, is available in either a traditional (RT) or modern (RM) outline; AAA quality spruce, redwood or cedar top; Indian rosewood, mahogany, maple, or comparable back and sides; simple wooden rosette; hot hide glue construction; Honduran mahogany neck with 2-way truss rod; bound ebony fingerboard; ebony bridge; purfled top, back and sides; inlaid back strip; bound and purfled 2-tone headplate; basic fingerboard inlay; Gotoh 510 tuners; bolt-on neck; limited lifetime warranty*; archtop hardshell case. 

Notes on body styles

First and foremost... I am a custom builder and want to give you the guitar of your dreams. Over time, I have developed two  distinct outlines for each of the O through OOOO sized instruments. The RT designation is used for the traditional model instruments, these are my variation on the classic Martin body styles and are perfect for players interested in a handmade instrument that is clearly tied to classic designs. The RM designation is used for my more modern design. This is a body style I developed to create an instrument for players who are looking for something more unique. I offer two distinct styles because of the various tastes of players, and myself. I have always had an affinity for the classic designs while also harboring a strong desire to be innovative and forward looking. This is my attempt to have it both ways.

Guitar Upgrade Options Include (but are not limited to)

  • Premium woods - $ inquire
  • Slotted peghead - $300
  • Cutaway - $250
  • Side soundport - $150
  • K&K pickup - $125
  • Manzer wedge body - $500
  • Dovetail neck joint - $150
  • Multiscale design - $1000
  • Custom inlay - $ inquire
  • Custom designed decorative back strip, end graft or rosette - $ inquire

Ukulele Pricing

Concert/Tenor Base Price - $2500

Base price includes AAA engelmann or sitka, cedar, redwood or matching koa top; AAA koa, Indian rosewood, maple, mahogany or comparable back and sides; hot hide glue construction; carbon fibre reinforced mahogany or maple neck; side soundport; bound ebony fingerboard; ebony bridge; purfled top, back and sides; inlaid back strip; bound and purfled 2-tone headplate; basic fingerboard inlay; Grover tuners ; bolt-on neck; limited lifetime warranty*; Guardian hardshell case.


  • Premium woods - $ inquire
  • Slotted peghead - $300
  • Cutaway - $250
  • Dovetail neck joint - $150
  • K&K pickup - $125
  • Custom inlay - $ inquire
  • Custom designed decorative back strip, end graft or rosette - $ inquire

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Instrument Care

All J. Rieck instruments are build in a climate-controlled workshop with 45% relative humidity (RH). Extremes of RH are harmful to the instrument and can cause failures of glue joints, body cracks and poor playability. I recommend keeping your instrument in the case when not in use and maintaining the environment inside the case. There are many commercially available products to help monitor and control humidity inside your case. Extremes of temperature are also to be avoided as they can also compromise glue joints and cause damage to the finish.

My instruments are finished with nitrocellulose lacquer which can react to prolonged exposure to petroleum based foam, rubber or vinyl which is found on some stands, straps or other storage devices. Short term exposure is not an issue so it is best to use stands only when the instrument will be in use but then return the instrument to its case for longer term storage. Should you need to clean the finish it is best to use a cotton cloth slightly dampened with tap water and them dry off the instrument with a clean cotton cloth.

The fingerboard and bridge are bare wood and therefore they can dry out over time. Should they appear dry, wipe them with a small amount of boiled linseed oil and buff off the remainder. Do not leave pooled oil on the wood as it will attract dirt and grime. I also recommend wiping down the strings with a soft cloth after playing. This will not only extend the life of your strings but also keep your fingerboard clean.      

*Limited lifetime warranty

All J. Rieck musical instruments carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects of materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover general wear and tear from playing and handling the instrument or damage caused by neglect. Any modification to the original instrument carried out by another luthier without prior consent from the maker will void the warranty.